Bringing the Best of the Carolina's Farms to Your Table!​

Savor locally grown Farm-to-Table products from throughout the Carolinas. Local farmers, ranchers, food artisans, and makers produce sustainably and organically grown fruits and vegetables, meats, specialty milk and cheese products along with pasture-raised and organic eggs, and more.

Meet Our Providers

We consider them family, and we’re all out to create Utopia, starting with food.

Together with our farm and production partners, we are a force for good. From creating premium products, to committing to organic and regenerative agriculture, we are revolutionizing the concept of farm-to-table and nourishing our world from the roots. Our goal is to ensure locally sourced food and other products adorn the shelves of Better Basket and are used in our freshly made meals. 

We are cultivating a community of transparent suppliers and we are supporting businesses, communities, and programs that share these same goals and values. We are doing everything in our power for a healthier, more resilient future, and partnering with others to join us in doing the same.

Because if we replenish our soil with the nutrients it needs, we can replenish our bodies with the nutrients we’re missing. If we commit to working with partners who source ingredients ethically, we don’t hurt the world we so desperately need to help. And if we work together, we can change our world. 

We try to select the freshest products with the best ingredients from as close to home as possible. Meet a few of our hardworking and dedicated partners who continue to provide Better Basket with finest local goods.

In the Spotlight

St. Helena Farm 17 | St. Helena, NC

St. Helena Farm 17 raises purebred, swallow belly and blonde Mangalitsa Pigs. The heritage pigs are pasture-raised, grass-fed, free-range animals. One of the many benefits of raising Mangalitsa Pigs is that they are relatively clean, docile, and healthy. Mangalitsa’s never need shots and there is never a need for hormones or antibiotics so their meat stays pure and extremely flavorful. Each day they calmly graze, foraging for food in our pastures, tolerating the heat of summer well by wallowing in the watering areas and shady spots to stay cool and in the winter their woolly coats keep them warm as they move about.  

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