Bringing the Best of the Carolina's Farms to Your Table!​

Savor locally grown Farm-to-Table products from throughout the Carolinas. Local farmers, ranchers, food artisans, and makers produce sustainably and organically grown fruits and vegetables, meats, specialty milk and cheese products along with pasture-raised and organic eggs, and more.

Meet Our Providers

The Veggie Wagon is really what people want to make it: coffee shop, grocery store, produce stand. We’re committed to being the place both locals and visitors can find local North Carolina products to support our farmers and small businesses.

Local produce has gained popularity over the last few years and trying to consume it when it is season, is not a new concept. Many years ago this was the only way to eat; locally available foods were it! Over time this has drastically changed and produce is now picked green and transported many many miles. Our goal is to provide a diverse selection of fresh, healthy and unbelievably tasty local North Carolina fruits, veggies, and additional homemade products, while at the same time supporting local farming families. Since we are purchasing North Carolina products, we do not have to travel very far to provide you with our items, so your family will have fruits and veggies ripened naturally by Mother Nature rather than chemicals.

The idea for The Veggie Wagon came about because my husband and I love to cook and grow our own fresh produce. We have found over the years that fresh and ripe produce is sometimes difficult to find, so we decided to make it a lot easier. We want everyone to have the opportunity to have produce that tastes like it was grown out of their very own garden without all the work- just leave that to us!

In the Summer of 2009 we had the privilege of running our own roadside produce stand. We met many wonderful and loyal customers who loved our products so much that they sent their friends, neighbors, and family members to us. Along with all of our customers relationships, we also had the privilege of building phenomenal relationships with our local farming families. Our local farmers allowed us to go out into their fields with them and hand- pick the produce we used at our stand, choosing only the best. We choose the produce we carry based on what the farmers are currently growing and only get it directly from the farmer who is an expert in their craft. Our goal here at The Veggie Wagon is to deliver to you the best local produce that can be grown in coastal North Carolina within 24 hours of being picked.

Every item is tasted at the farms before we decide if goes into your personal baskets. Our philosophy is that we would not put anything in your baskets that we ourselves would not put on our plate.

In the Spotlight

The Veggie Wagon | Carolina Beach NC

We specialize in delivery of fresh local North Carolina fruits, vegetables, and homemade products to the Wilmington, Kure Beach, Carolina Beach, and Wrightsville Beach areas. We travel to all the best local farms and small batch producers to bring you the freshest and tastiest items North Carolina has to offer. We look forward to showing you how easy and fun eating local can be.

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