Hickory Nut Gap Meats

Grassfed & Pasture-raised Meats

We Are Continuing A 100-year-old Mission to Build Community Through Agriculture

Hickory Nut Gap has a rich legacy of food, family, and community on a fifth generation family farm that has been in the same family since 1916. Today, we are proudly helping cultivate a new Appalachian movement. One that combines the richness of our unique Appalachian terroir (soil, water, micro-climate, pasture & forest) with the historic craft-maker culture of the region.

Five Generations of Famers

In 1916, James and Elizabeth McClure settled in Fairview, North Carolina before paved roads and bustling business came to pass. They saw the beauty of the mountains and an opportunity for a better life, but they were servants of a greater purpose. They built a Farmer’s Federation, cultivated the land, and set the foundation for the community. We continue that legacy today.

We Care About the Animals We Raise

Scientific research has proven that removing stress from the animal and allowing it to thrive in a natural environment produces better quality product with greater nutritional value. We believe raising animals with care and respect is the right thing to do. Farm animals that are able to exhibit behaviors as they would in nature are happier and healthier. We honor and respect that philosophy by exercising care and concern for the well-being of our animals.

We Work with the Best Farmers in the Business

All of our farmers adhere to established protocols that reflect the HNG values and mission.  All of our animals are treated humanely, with great care and concern.  To be a part of our farmer network, their values match our own and their passion is equal. We work together to build community through agriculture.

Our Team is Dedicated to Bringing You the Best Experience Possible

We believe giving good service starts with an INTERNAL (staff, employees, family, ourselves) relationship that we can share with the EXTERNAL(customers, vendors, anyone we interact with) partnerships.

All of our employees are committed to providing a stellar customer experience. As a company, we strive for authentic, honest connections with our customers at every level of service.

Our Meats


100% Grassfed Beef

We raise our cattle on pasture and graze them on a diverse mix of grasses, legumes and forbs.  As with all Hickory Nut Gap animals, they are never given antibiotics or added hormones. Black Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn genetics, proper pasture management, and good farmers lead to delicious, high-quality beef year around.


Heritage Breed Pork

Heritage-raised pigs ensure high quality genetics that lead to tender, flavorful, and well marbled meats. As with all Hickory Nut Gap animals, our hogs are never given antibiotics or added hormones. We provide our hogs with a free-choice grain feed to meet their dietary needs, and they also root for grubs and saplings on pasture and forest.


Pasture-raised Chicken

Chickens thrive on pasture where they can forage for their own food and move around with freedom. In return, they supply our pastures with some of the best fertilizer a farmer could ask for. Poultry manure is an excellent source of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium (NPK) helping increase soil organic matter, water holding capacity and beneficial bacteria. This makes poultry a key component of regenerative agriculture systems, leaving our land robust and enhancing soil for generations to come.