Modern Muffin

High-protein Muffins

Mama Claire started baking these recipes decades ago when she devised a delicious way to incorporate wholesome fruits and vegetables into her children’s diets through these better-for-you treats. Her dream was to share these muffins with the world, and after years of hard work, perseverance, and the entire family pitching in to help, her dream turned into a reality.

Our muffins have no artificial ingredients or flavors, and significantly less sugar, fat and calories. And best of all, they taste incredible!

Earlier this year, we introduced our newest line of HIGH-PROTEIN MUFFINS made with organic superfoods (yes, veggies!), probiotics, and organic Greek yogurt making them a perfect meal replacement filled with high quality, clean ingredients. With 10 grams of protein to fill you up, and nothing artificial to let you down, these are truly muffins for our modern world. 

We understand how busy life can get, and we’re here to make your lives easier and more delicious with a healthier, grab-and-go option to add to your breakfast rotation. We believe in healthy families, big dreams, and never accepting less than the best.

Our Muffins