Simi Winery, Special Selection Chardonnay Sonoma County (2019)


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Isabelle Simi knew this better than anyone. She steered the winery with defiant determination for over 70 years, persevering to better every last drop. In fact, in 1920, when the government threw down a deadly blow, in the form of Prohibition, she didn’t give up. She rolled up her sleeves and applied her wit. She held strong. And came out even stronger in the end. MELISSA STACKHOUSE, DIRECTOR OF WINEMAKING “To me, a good wine has both balance and integrity.” A curious person with a love of the outdoors, Melissa combined her love of agriculture and science by earning a degree in Viticulture and Enology at the University of California, Davis, and then joining some of California’s top wineries—including Meiomi, J Vineyards & Winery, and La Crema—as winemaker. Since becoming Director of Winemaking at SIMI Winery, Melissa has embraced the opportunity to blend, balance and showcase the best fruit from Sonoma County. LISA EVICH, WINEMAKER “When crafting exceptional wines, the key is to keep the big picture and the details in focus all at once.” The one word that Lisa Evich would use to describe SIMI wines is “timeless.” Through meticulous care and attention in both the vineyards and the winery, she works to maintain the timelessness of both SIMI and Sonoma County. Hailing from Santa Rosa, Lisa fell in love with food and wine at an early age. While at Sonoma State University, her focus was on Environmental Studies and Planning. But there was something about the vineyards that called to her. It wasn’t just the science of winemaking, but the art as well, the craft that could translate a place into a bottle. Lisa began her career at SIMI, spending nine years with the winery before diversifying her experience with positions at Pine Ridge and Arrowood. SIMI welcomed her home as winemaker creating world-class wines. And while Lisa would never require her friends and family to exclusively drink SIMI, there’s no greater compliment than for someone to tell her that SIMI is their house wine