Buchi “Legacy” Kombucha


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What we teach our children shapes the society we leave behind—our legacy. A blend of orange, mango and sea buckthorn, created by our very own children, is sure to have a lasting impression. What will your legacy be?

Organic Mango Puree

Mangos originated in Southeast Asia and India, where references to the fruit are documented in Hindu writings dating back to 4000 B.C.E. Buddhist monks cultivated the fruit and consider it to be sacred because it is said that Buddha himself meditated under a mango tree.


Organic Orange Juice

An orange has over 170 different phytochemicals and more than 60 flavonoids, many of which have been shown to have strong antioxidant effects and support heart health.


Organic Sea Buckthorn

This thorny shrub can be found growing on mountain slopes, riverbanks and seashores. Its Latin name, Hippophae, meaning “shining horse,” comes from legends written by the Ancient Greeks, and it appears in stories about Genghis Khan.


Raw Kombucha* (Filtered Water, Cane Sugar*, Black Tea*, Kombucha Culture*), Orange Juice*Δ, Mango Puree*, Sea Buckthorn Puree*, Passion Fruit Puree*, Vanilla Extract*, Natural Flavors*

*Certified Organic | ΔFrom Concentrate