Mad Mole Brewing – Avogadro’s Legacy (4 pack)


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In honor of our ‘mad’ scientist roots here at Mad Mole, we wanted to honor the legacy of the scientist who invented the mole! Not the blind, furry tunnel diggers, but rather the scientific constant, reciprocal mole. We think Amedeo Avogadro would approve of this beer: ‘Avogadro’s Legacy.’

At first glance you might think the ABV for this beer unique, and that’s because it is. Avogadro’s constant is defined as 6.02214076 × 1023, so naturally we shot for an ABV as close to that as possible! It’s 6.02% ABV is accompanied by a light and easy body and mouthfeel, lending a hand to maximum drinkability! The exciting hop combo of Cashmere, Grungeist and Vic Secret give off a dank nose and notes of lemon and lime throughout.

Hazy Pale Ale / 6.02% ABV / 43 IBU / Brewed w/Cashmere, Grungeist, Vic Secret