Lusty Monk – “Temptation” Honey Mustard


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Our honey mustard — it’s hot, it’s sweet, it’s just what you’re craving. Demure at the beginning, it ends up with a serious kick at the finish. A heavenly mix of fiery attitude and sweet innocence. Addictive? Absolutely.

Honey Mustard Ingredients:

Apple Cider Vinegar, Mustard Seeds, Honey, Mustard Powder, Water, Brown Sugar, Salt, Spices.

Allergen Information: Produced in a facility that also processes nuts, dairy, wheat, soy, and eggs.

More About the Honey Mustard:

Our honey mustard is particularly good with cheese! Pair it with a nutty Gouda or Parrano, and it will light up your cheese board. Use as a stand-alone dip, as a marinade, on sandwiches, in a vinaigrette, or with any other food that calls for spicy/sweet.

People of gusto: If you’re cracking open a beer with some pretzels, this is the mustard you grab.

Lusty Monk Mustards are small-batch, cold-processed, artisan mustards that are a hearty addition to any kitchen. Produced since 2007 by a tiny, family-owned company in Asheville, North Carolina, and dedicated to the notion that condiments should never be boring.