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Created by the iconic Italian winery, Sartori di Verona. Love Story collection offers an array of fresh, vibrant wines to be enjoyed not only on special occasions but for any occasion. Each wine caters to every taste from a refreshing Pinot Grigio, a crisp, bright Rosé, and an elegant Pinot Noir.

Sartori di Verona identifies with a magical history and the love for the vibrant city of Verona. The famous and great love story of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, sets the romantic stage of the city that can be enjoyed through Love Story wines.


A stylish sparkling, with classic characteristics of apple and crusty bread.
This expression of Soave truly tells of Sartori’s love
of Verona.


Light yellow with effervescent bubbles


Complex aromas of ripe apples, bread crust and a touch of vanilla


Flavors of apples with fine, persistent bubbles.