Biltmore Reserve® Cabernet Sauvignon North Carolina 2019


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With grapes from Biltmore’s own vineyard, we handcraft an outstanding cherry-red Cabernet Sauvignon featuring warm scents of caramel, nutmeg, raspberry, cocoa, and pipe tobacco, with hints of oak and peppercorn. Aging for 16-18 months in American oak brings out rich flavors of blackberry, raspberry, Rainier cherry, red currant, pomegranate, and cranberry, plus traces of anise and fennel. Though the fruit is North Carolina-grown, this medium-to-full-bodied Cab Sauv delivers upfront tannins in classic old-world style. Enjoy it with peppercorn-rosemary crusted steak, brisket, Carolina-style barbecue, stuffed portabella mushrooms, vegetables roasted with garlic and bacon, or the simple goodness of a toasted bagel loaded with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and capers. It’s excellent with Stilton and Manchego cheese, as well. Keep a bottle on hand to give as a local gift, and take a bottle with you to celebrate a night out on the town with friends.